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[GreenYes] Re: Also Go to Westinghouse Plasma web site for more info

Point of information what you see at GeoPlasma and Westinghouse and Star
Tech is 50 year OLD technology. Expensive, Custom made, and energy consuming
with all sorts of add ons to capture the mercury and ugly toxic stuff.

It works but not without a hefty tipping fee and the power of a small
hydroelectric project. That is MW size.

The improved Plasma version uses F2000 HEAT not Plasma to do the work of
disassociation of waste in Inert Argon and Nitrogen atmosphere made on site and
all gas is recycled.

In the St Lucie style recycle you lose 1/2 of the valuable hydrogen
containing gas to run the system's power generators.
You also get glass waste suitable for abrasive or aggregate for concrete.

If you control the heat closely and the gas temps with the new improved
application using a heat sink you get a chemical refinery and a waste disposal (
recycle ) system in the same machinery.

In this improved plasma heat" recycle process" you can eliminate the normal
transportation and sorting cost, storage and labor cost of handling and
Regardless of the waste liquid gas or solid. Toxic or non toxic.
And it is cheap to do it too.

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