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[GreenYes] Green Burning Man??

I was impressed by the email from Burning Man on Leave No Trace.

BUT, I haven't been to Burning Man because evidently people burn and blow
up things throughout the entire event. I was at a practice burn that was
smaller in scope and like at Burning Man, the Man was covered in plastic
and toxic items such as flourscent light tubes that are on throughout the
event until the burn. Evidently, when they do the final burn, they burn
the man with all the toxic trash.

People have told me that the smoke sits there for days and that it reaches
far and wide. A friend of mine said they wear a gas mask for the burn
(sounds like alot of fun!)

From the little I've experienced, when they did the burn, it was so smokey
I could hardly breathe. Then I heard about all the burning and blowing up
that is done there. PLUS now it is huge and everyone brings loud polluting
generators to this event. Can't be good for generating greenhouse gasses.

Sooo, though I think it is important that they promote good waste
practices, the issue of waste and pollution and impact at Burning Man is
way bigger than recycling beer bottles.

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