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[GreenYes] Re: Food debris belongs outside the pipe.

Given the large quantity of other organic solids that are regularly flushed into our sewers (and that are thankfully not going curbside any time soon), I'm puzzled by the logic that would underlie diverting ground up food waste.

Certainly large volumes of organic matter can clog or degrade collection systems, but I've seen this mostly with regards to large industrial food processors, not residential disposals.

Is there a reason to think that the wastewater treatment plants have trouble processing the food wastes, or that, for most collection systems, the food waste is a mere incremental addition to normal solids flow?

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>>> arthur boone <arboone3@no.address> 07/10/06 05:53PM >>>
About two years ago, I asked the staff director of the Castro Valley Sanitary District if, knowing what food debris diversion programs add to a green waste collection program, would his district ban in-sink food grinders. (He had earlier in his speech made a comment that in areas of his district where clogging was common, by targetting those households that were upsteam of the clog points, that they had been able to end the clogging by reducing the solids in the sewer pipe because they had increased the food debris in the "green waste" bin.)

Facing my direct question, he was hesistent, but the weight of his remarks indicated to me that it is better to put food debris into a green debris diversion program than down the wastewater pipe.


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