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[GreenYes] Re: Food scraps


1. food waste generation -- at least at the residential level -- is
generally examined via more or less sophisticated waste characterization
studies based on what is collected; there's a body of work on this topic out
there -- the NYC reference is to a highly sophisticated, 90+/4-season sort
for which the final report is due any day....Tim may have more on what is
generated, prior to selection of disposal/management options....

At the commercial level, there's some research available, but
obviously varies tremendously by type of food-service establishment, size,

2. re the second question, check out the UW/Life Cycle Analysis
study....the exec summary is on; the full report is
available upon request. Also, the 2004 Delft study, as I recall -- the
update of an earlier one -- examined the 'diversion/capture' rate of
participants in local source-separated organics collection systems....

3. the 'penetration rate' of residential disposers is probably regarded
as proprietary information, and I'm not aware that Census data is helpful at
that level... on an anecdotal basis, I recently randomly queried @ two dozen
new high-rise developments in Philadelphia, and found more than half were
installing disposers....(which doesn't mean the others weren't) NYC,
perhaps half of the major residential disposers are now including as a

I would, however, be interested in some research help on that score; for
example, my random queries of 'green' multi-family buildings around the
country find that disposers are generally installed -- albeit w/out much
thought one way or the other....but would welcome a more rigorous
examination of that question...



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On the matter of 1) the percentage of food waste generation in the US,
2) quantification of the percentage of food waste disposed using in-sink
disposers, and 3) the quantification of the number of housing units
(single-family and multi-family) having in-sink disposers in the US, in
my investigation of the peer-reviewed scientific literature there has
been next to nothing published. I, and perhaps others, would much
appreciate citations of any scientific literature, peer-reviewed or
otherwise, detailing research in these areas including discussion of the
representative nature of any undertaken samplings and the extrapolation
of research findings to broader populations.


Stephan Pollard, Ph.D.

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