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My firm has developed a technology that can use process residues and other materials of an organic nature, to produce commodity chemicals that often have a greater commercial value that the actual product they now sell. Examples are the fibrous residues from sugar cane milling, know as bagasse, and the husks, shells etc removed from coffee beans before / during roasting. Naturally these processes do require an ongoing availability of quite large volumes of the residues, in order to justify constructing a factory, but all output materials are commodities with established worldwide commercial values, so being viable is not a problem. If any of our fellow readers happen to have connections with industries or factories that could have the potential to have a our technology appended to their existing operations, they would enjoy substantial additional income, for what is now essentially often a "waste" to them and something they burn or otherwise have to dispose of. And from my firm's point, we would be delighted to pay a "finders fee" for any introductions that lead to such a business arrangement taking place, that could be very substantial.
John Lindsay
Bourne International Group Ltd
UK, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago

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