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[greenyes] Re:: Cheeks and Recycling A personal and Documented obsevation

Virtually every form of material in recycling or waste streams is hydrogen
and something else. Construction materials, sewer sludge, plastic, paper,
manure, garbage.

What is needed is a a way to recycle the ENERGY and the chemistry set en

I have observed a bio medical machine and technology built for something
entirely different that has done it remarkably cheaply and with ZERO harmful
emissions .

When that system comes on line in Spain this year. Someone will get the idea
that all that recycle materials we now sort and independently process can be
combined and reconverted to Hydrogen based products lake gasoline, Diesel,
Chemicals, Ethanol.

At that point waste streams including Dioxins PCBS and Furons and recycled
materials will become GLOBAL commodities with a price per ton paid to purchase
it substantially greater than the value now provided by the means with which
you are all familiar.

That time is not in years it is in months.


Engineer/ Investor
Bio Energy Projects

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