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RE: [greenyes] RE: ReUse a Shoe v. Recycle a Shoe

I am impressed with this program that Nike has. While I was looking around
I came across another shoe, Blackspot, which I find interesting, at

While they seem to be promoting this shoe mostly due to "sweatshop" issues -
there are also environmental benefits noted on their website, such as:
We're using organic hemp, which is processed with natural methods such as
water retting, which eliminates the need to use chemicals. The sneaker has a
rubber sole and a toe cap that is 70% biodegradable.

Interesting! Check it out. I decided to order a pair.

Steve Weisser

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Nike's program should be called RecycleAShoe.

Salvation Army, Goodwill INdustries, St. Vincent de Paul and other charities
earn about 50 cents per pound for used shoes.

Although I've been assured by NRC that the Nike Program encourages reuse of
used shoes before grinding, I was informed by the recipient of the Nike
grant in Pittsfield MA 2 weeks ago that they were told not to allow
Goodwill to reuse shoes. I also spoke to the head of Goodwill in Pittsfield
who was, understandably, angrily perplexed.

Shoes are not and have never been difficult to move, they have always been a
major positive revenue item for the charities. If Nike is sincere about
"Reuse" they should offer the program exclusively through those charities.

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