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Re: [greenyes] RE: PEER Press Release

Have you spoken to ALL of them? Funny that most of the stuff I see attributed to Christians I never seem to hear from Christians.
Maybe some of this stuff is taken from post-mass exit polling?


Bruce Arkwright,Jr wrote:

Ken, I do not need a report to rely on, I have talked
to the 'faithful' religious people and from them, they
state if you pray to GOD he will give all you need and
they the 'faithful' can use all as they see fit, if
they run out, pray for more and do not worry about the
environment, GOD will make all better.
None are worried on such things as recycling or
running out of oil. Then I mension about being
caretakers not users of the Earth, must try to ignore
the statement and I never get a responce.
Pray to GOD for these misguided souls.

--- Ken McEntee <ken@no.address> wrote:

Well then, to bring it back on-topic, can somebody
please tell me where this nonsense came from about Bush's God-given
duty being to exploit the Earth's resources? As somebody who is
not a supporter of Bush (nor of Kerry, by the way. As always, our
choices are bad and worse), I think it is irresponsible to spread such
unfounded ridiculousness. There are plenty of questionable
things we can bring up about Bush and the rest of his family as is the case
with most politicians. We can debate about why we are in Iraq.
We can dispair at the record federal deficit. We can disagree with his
environmental policies. But in doing so let's use some common
sense. If you want to argue that he will exploit natural resources to make
money, make your case. But Bush wants to use up all the Earth's
resources before the Jewish preacher (his name is Jesus, by the way)
comes back? You've got to be kidding me. And if the world IS going to end
soon, like in the next couple years, can somebody let me know? I am
working way too hard and if we only have a couple years left I think I
might have enough saved up for retirement.



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