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RE: [greenyes] RE: PEER Press Release

At 03:54 PM 11/1/2004 -0600, Wolbert, Brad wrote:
One source for the direction this thread has gone is probably the following article on the Grist webzine, which appeared last week:

as well as the recent, widely discussed article on the role of religion in Bush's presidency, which appeared in the New York Times Magazine. Having read both articles, I hesitate to dismiss the concern as blithely as Ken does.


I feel I have awakened into a nightmare. That I have been ignoring this stuff for years as the rantings of a few cranks, while it fact these beliefs have worked their way into the mainstream of American politics.

It's really terrifying, because one cannot counter superstition with reasoned arguments....these people do not believe in an orderly relationship between cause and effect, or in the possibility that other views may have equal validity to their own.

Alan Muller

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