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[greenyes] Re: greenyes Digest 25 Aug 2004 16:57:40 -0000 Issue 228

The City of Durham North Carolina has begun a campaign to encourage all
residents to use the yard waste cart for yard waste only and not for
trash and vice-versa. There was an article about it in the Durham Herald
Newspaper earlier this week (don't recall if it was Sunday, Monday or
Tuesday, check on line or call City of Durham
Sanitation and ask what they're doing on this problem. (919) 560-4185
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 10:41:38 -0500
To: <GreenYes@no.address>
From: "Jill Hamilton" <HamiltonJ@no.address>
Subject: Organics Separation
Message-Id: <s12c6d05.058@no.address>

Does anyone have problems with residents putting yard debris in the
trash and trash in the yard debris? Any known or suggested solutions?



Ms. Jill Hamilton
Recycling Program Manager
City of St. Louis Refuse Division
4100 South First Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63118
Phone - Direct 314.353.7176
Phone - Switchboard 314.353.8877
Fax 314.352.5627


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If everyone in Orange County recycled two more aluminum cans a week
we would recycle over twelve million more cans a

Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Planner
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fax: (919) 932-2900
PO Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177

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