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RE: [greenyes] Penn and Teller take on recycling

The very reason I accepted their invitation for an interview was to make
sure the arguments about cost-effectiveness, un-level playing field,
economic development and job creation, etc., etc., etc. were put out
there. Their viewership is small.

And, really, the impact of a show like this is nothing compared to new
and proposed rules from the EPA, for instance, which grease the skids
for bioreactors, on the one hand, and could allow low level radioactive
waste to enter landfills and recycling facilities not intended for such
purposes. So, let's get people fired up about those things.

David Wood
Madison, WI
608-255-4800, ext. 100

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Does it get more negative then this?

Thursday, April 29

It's the ultimate "feel-good" activity. But here's the truth:
recycling is
The recycling industry creates pollution, has to be subsidized
by the
government because it's cost ineffective, and is completely
Contrary to popular belief, our landfills are not running out of
space - we
have enough room to last for thousands of years! So how did the
bullshit of
recycling get started? We've tracked down the faceless bureaucrat who's

I just watched a clip and they had the average "Joe" running around like
fool trying to sort their garbage/recycables while some guy stood behind
them with a bull horn when they make a mistake. It looks absolutely

What can we do to respond? Eric? Jack? I know there are numbers out
that prove recycling is cost affective (even in areas where landfill
are low) and creates jobs (more then the auto industry?!

This is a blow for all of us - and I don't really find it all that

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