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[greenyes] State vs Fed control

You know, the "power" of the state costs.

For example, I bet if you count up all the expense it costs medical insurance companies to deal with a patchwork of state regs, you could save billions on insurance.

A hernia is a hernia -- whether you live in MD or MS.

I realize solid waste is a "local" perogative, but companies make products for national markets.

Perhaps local geography is different, but really, it makes sense to have national policies in many areas.

I dont know much about bioreactors, but I think one reason recycling suffers is because there is NO national leadership.

just an opinion

Michele Raymond
Recycling Laws International/ State Recycling Laws Update
5111 Berwyn Rd. Ste 115 College Park, MD 20740)
301/345-4237 Fax 345-4768

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