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[greenyes] Waste News poll on bioreactors

Greetings all,

If you haven't been keeping up with the bioreactor issue, you need to be. A leading expert on the technology is Peter Anderson, and I would ask him to post a SHORT (maybe 200 words?) description of what each of the three options below really mean, and it will help all of us with our voting.

In my opinion, this issue is CRITICAL to the growth of resource recovery through Zero Waste in America. I am going to vote that the FEDS need to maintain control since the technology appears to have many problems that the landfill industry doesn't want to talk about. Is that right Peter?

Please vote!

What´s your opinion on states having the ability to permit bioreactor landfills?

It's about time
More study is needed
Federal gov't should maintain control


Eric Lombardi
Executive Director

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