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[greenyes] Recycled Paper Coalition Closing

Darby Hoover asked me to send on the following message:

Dear Recycled Paper Coalition Members and Supporters,

We regret to announce that after 12 years of working with national companies
to increase the purchase of environmentally preferred paper products, the
Recycled Paper Coalition is ending its operations. After extensive review of
our options, the RPC Executive Board determined that the tight economic
conditions facing our member companies and the resulting lack of financial
support have created a condition where the organization can no longer be

We realize that the commitment to purchase recycled paper still needs to be
supported, and note that RPC's ending is not an indicator of any lack of
enthusiasm for environmentally preferred paper products. We strongly
encourage RPC members to continue to work within their own organizations to
increase the buying of recycled paper, and to seek support from other
environmental organizations for your efforts to increase demand.

Thank you for your interest in and support of environmental paper

The Recycled Paper Coalition Board of Directors
Darby Hoover, Executive Director, Recycled Paper Coalition

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