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[greenyes] To Beverage or not to Beverage

First, thanks to all who responded to my inquiry re. beverage vendor involvement in school container recycling. And next, to set the record straight, I have run into few folk who feel this product should even be in the schools, regardless of how big a budget gap it is filling. (Perhaps that's more reflective of the circles I run in.)

That being said, as we have approached the schools during implementation of our program to ask, What ails you in terms of resource conservation? Their frequent response is, container litter all over the grounds, and container contamination in the trash. While our first line of response is, Stop selling the soda containers, that ends up meeting stiff resistance in cash-strapped schools, and falls outside the parameters of our project (alas).

In that context, our goal is to help the schools deal with their problem, and ideally the way to deal is to engender manufacturer responsibility for the containers. And perhaps with all the heat on the vendors for getting their unhealthy product out of schools, they may want to get a little good press by taking responsibility for their bottles...........Even long shots are worth taking sometimes.

Again, thanks to everyone for your responses.




David Stitzhal, MRP
Full Circle Environmental, Inc.
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Seattle, WA 98144
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