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[greenyes] RE: Mad Cow Disease and Our Times

Peter Anderson said:

/ Today, where, we must ask ourselves, where is the outrage?/

/ If we can't muster outrage, we deserve what is going down./
/Unfortunately, our children do not./

Thank you for picking up on this article. I can see that a few people are outraged; David Luker and I have been disappointed in how few people care. Without an exception everyone we have talked to about this thinks Dave should have the right to test his beef at his own expense, but few people are willing to do anything to help make this happen. Since you all on this list are probably more likely than most to care enough to do something, I would like to invite you to write your congressman or your local paper about this, and more importantly, write to the Hon. Rosa DeLauro, congresswoman from Connecticut, who has taken up this issue. DeLauro is the Co-Chair of the House Food Safety Caucus and a senior member of the Agriculture Appropriations Committee. You may find her contact information and an e-mail form at . Since she is pushing this issue your opinions will be counted rather than swept under the rug.

Sue Brownawell

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