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RE: [greenyes] Promoting good environmental practices > > >

That depends on where you live. I live near salt ponds, and we are seeing a
huge problem with sea life dying due to "a little fertilizer and weed
killer" running off into the salt ponds.

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Studies are a waste of $$$$$.

Ask the guy that lives 6 houses away from the storm water drain if he cares.

The stenciling projects are "Feel Good Efforts" at best.

Go for the mercury and toxics.

A little fertilizer and weed killer are not the big problem.

It is time that COMMON SENSE not JOB SECURITY and WHEREE TO SPEND $$$$$ is
the driving factor in what to do/should be done.

I think the time to eliminate funding for FEEL GOOD government positions in
the "bureaucracy of waste/recycling" has been long overdue.

Regards..... C.Williams
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"Make everyday an Earth Day."

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