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[greenyes] Lobotomedia [Re: [Mad Cow Disease and Our Times]

At 02:30 PM 3/10/2004 -0600, Kelly Bolger wrote:
Go Bob! I have to agree, that it is much easy to blame a medium of entertainment that used to be a privilege, but now has taken over much of what people think is what we want and need, b/c somebody else told us it was. The bottom line is there is a "green"ish channel out there, it is called PBS. The quality of shows on it are both educational and informative.

Well, in my area (Delaware) the public broadcasting operation sometimes runs national (PBS) shows that are--IMO--good (Bill Moyers) but their local programming is *worse* than the commercial product. They use almost exclusively corporate lobbyists and other fat-cats as the talking heads. The pols are intentionally giving them lots of money NOT to cover independent views. I don't know if this is a national trend but I suspect so. We've been complaining about it for years but most people seem indifferent.

Alan Muller
Green Delaware

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