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[greenyes] The Skinny

The Skinny on Recycling

Myths about recycling are pervasive: it's a big money-loser; it's no
better than using raw materials; it's a big lie because items just
get dumped in landfills; it's a liberal plot to corrupt the morals of
our nation's youth. Turns out only this last one is true. The
incomparable Umbra Fisk this week focuses her considerable powers on
the mysteries of recycling: how it works, who's involved, and where
your cans and bottles go. Reduce your ignorance; reuse the
knowledge; and, yes, recycle! So says dear Umbra -- only on the
Grist Magazine website. (Umbra fans can get even more of her
distinctive eco-advice on the website for PBS's "Point of View
Borders: Environment" series, where she's moonlighting and responding
to queries this month.)

only in Grist: Umbra dishes the real deal on recycling

also check out: Umbra's guest gig on PBS

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