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Re: [greenyes] Waste-to-Energy

I read an article about them a year or two ago and also saw a story
about CWT on a news program (can't remember which one, maybe 60
minutes). Here's their Web site:

>>> Nancy Meyer Queen of All Good Things <nancy@no.address> 3/9/04
8:48:04 PM >>>
Does anyone out there know about a company called CWT? It has
developed a
process called thermal depolymerization (TDP) which converts organic
to energy in the form of water, oil and coal. The process basically
duplicates natural processing of these materials, but in an ultra
way. The bio-based waste includes everything from human waste to
byproducts to tires.

CWT is headed by some one named Arpel (or Appel) and I do not know
they are based (somewhere in the midwest I think). They are currently
the process to convert sewage to energy at the SW Water Pollution
Plant in Philadelphia, and have similar operations in Alabama, Nevada,
Colorado and Italy. They are planning to implement it next in
Missouri to process turkey waste. Mr. Appel was quoted on the TV show
Techknowledge as saying that they could potentially produce 40 billion
barrells of oil per year from US waste alone.

The idea sounds so promising I wonder why it isn't far bigger news. I
wonder what the drawbacks are, and whether the company is publically


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