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[greenyes] SAVE THE DATE -- August 28 GRRN conference

PUT IT IN YOUR BOOKS !! On Saturday August 28, GRRN will hold its first
ever Zero Waste network strategy conference in the San Francisco Bay
Area. This one day, all day event is intended to articulate a shared
vocabulary and commonly understood policy framework around producer
responsibility and Zero Waste, and connect those to opportunities for
action now and in the near future. Moreover, we want to provide a forum
for networking among planners, public officials, activists, community
members, and experts from across North America, to increase network
cohesion and facilitate on-going collaboration around a shared long-term
vision as well as short-term objectives and opportunities for action.

We have begun planning an agenda that combines big picture overviews,
educational sessions on the critical elements of Zero Waste (producer
responsibility, product redesign, end landfilling and incineration, no
subsidies for waste, and community economic development), and
interactive forums designed to transform ideas into action. We
anticipate a number of international participants, from countries and
regions where producer responsibility and/or Zero Waste are changing the
policy framework and market dynamics of materials management.

Fun, low-cost and high energy - everything you've come to expect from
GRRN. Stay tuned for more details. Save the date; spread the word.

David Wood
Executive Director, GrassRoots Recycling Network
Organizing Director, Computer TakeBack Campaign
210 N. Bassett St., Suite 200
Madison WI 53703
608-255-4800, ext. 100
608-347-7043 (cell)

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