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Re: [greenyes] Colors of curbside recycling bins

It's depends.

The most common colors are:
- in Europe : blue - for paper,
green - for compostables,
yellow - for all type of package, which marked with "green dot" (it's
programe of mandatory pledge for packaging which started in germany, and now
distributed almost all over the europe, You know, i think)
Wery often colours of bins are established with regional laws (as for
example in Gamburg). And yellow , as far as i know, - is mandatory colour
al over the countries, where "Green Dot" is in use.

In Nort America, as far, as i know, its very often:
- blue - for all "dry recyclables"
In Toronto, for example, blue - for "dry" recyclables, gray - for paper,
green - for "compostables".

if You wish to establish sometime in future separate collection of
differently colored glass, You have to reserve green, broun and white for
bins for corresponding colored glass

Igor Babanin
Greenpeace Russia
St.Petersburg dep.
(812) 3521022
(812) 3529219


I'm looking for info about standard for the colors of wheeled carts. Is
there somewere like state wide or for a country a mandatory color code for
recycling bins, yard waste carts or trash cans.


Mario Laquerre
Secteur municipal

7171, rue Jean-Talon Est, bureau 200
Anjou (Québec) H1M 3N2

Tél.: 514.352.5002
Téléc.: 514.873.6542

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