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Re: [greenyes] Colors of curbside recycling bins

I am unaware of any "standards" in California. Where I work (Long Beach),
recycling carts and bins are bright purple (makes them real easy to spot).
Where I live (Costa Mesa), we have fully comingled refuse / recycling /
greenwaste, and the City provides green carts, of all the colors to
choose for such a program :-(.

Most residents who ask me about yardwaste carts refer to "green carts,"
which is the color many jurisdicstions use. Lots of places use blue carts
for comingled recyclables.

Sharon Gates
Recycling Specialist
City of Long Beach, California

Mario Laquerre <m.laquerre@no.address>
03/05/2004 11:01 AM

To: GreenYes@no.address
Subject: [greenyes] Colors of curbside recycling bins


I'm looking for info about standard for the colors of wheeled carts. Is
there somewere like state wide or for a country a mandatory color code
recycling bins, yard waste carts or trash cans.


Mario Laquerre
Secteur municipal

7171, rue Jean-Talon Est, bureau 200
Anjou (Québec) H1M 3N2

Tél.: 514.352.5002
Téléc.: 514.873.6542

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