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[greenyes] Re: [GAIA]International Dialog on Discard Disposal

Dear Mr. Anthony,

Received this email and would love to support this event specially
non-funding support. You can use our organization and my individual name,
actual (if possible to fund for our travel / accomodation) or virtual
participation and provision of ideas.

With best wishes,

Dr. Noman Fazal Qadir
PhD(UK), MSc(UK), BSc(Pak), DIC(UK), DQMC(UK)
Chief Executive, GET,
P O Box 1493 GPO Islamabad, Pakistan
Fax + 92 51 9201348
email :- get@no.address
cellular + 0300 9569865
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change
the world: Indeed it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

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Subject: [GAIA]International Dialog on Discard Disposal

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> From The Global Recycling Council, California, USA
> Subject: International Dialog on Discard Disposal
> We are organizing an event for August 26-27 in San Francisco and we are
> preparing a funding request. We would like to show international support
> other organizations and individuals. Please respond by e-mail that;
> 1. We can use your organization or personal name,
> 2. You or your organization plans to participate (virtual or actual),
> 3. You will provide ideas for new reports and identify analyses already
> done or underway, help us find the experts that would be good to recruit,
> assist with potential sources of financial support.
> We need to have your agreement to endorse the meeting by March 15, 2004 to
> meet our deadline of securing funds by April 2004 for this event in August
> Resolution of Support for an International Dialog on Discard Disposal
> Whereas: The proper management of residential and commercial discards is
> issue around the world.
> Whereas: Local governments have paid the cost of wasting these resources
> suffered long term debt and environmental damage.
> Whereas: Now is the time to discuss and document the social costs and
> environmental impacts of modern disposal technologies.
> Whereas: The City of San Francisco California is a leader in the world for
> Resource Management.
> Whereas: San Francisco has a Zero Waste goal and is the host this year for
> the National Recycling Congress August 29-September 1, 2004.
> Whereas: San Francisco will provide dozens of tours of their current
> recycling and composting programs for pubic review.
> Whereas: The Global Recycling Council (GRC) is a Technical Council of the
> California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA) is asking for resolutions
> support from organizations and individuals who would like to help promote
> participate in an International Dialog on Discard Disposal to take place
in San
> Francisco August 26 and 27.
> Whereas: The International Dialog will invite local and international
> will to testify, contribute written testimony and provide comments from
> audience during this event; and the event will be recorded, transcribed
> edited for publication. The International Dialog will include at least
> focuses for its analysis: Incineration, Landfill, and Resource Management
> product redesign and recycling and composting (zero waste).
> Therefore, be it resolved: _____________________ (name or organization),
> supports the International Dialog on Discard Disposal to take place in San
> Francisco August 26 and 27; and will help promote it and participate as
much as
> possible; and urge that grant funds be made available to the GRC to assist
> organizing this important international event.
> Signed:
> Date:
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