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[greenyes] RE: Equal space Ordinance
Wayne and others who have asked for copies of the equal space ordinance,

Here is the ordinance from the City of Broomfield:

(New Section)
17-34-060	Refuse and Recycling Areas 

(A)	All new and significantly remodeled occupied structures shall
provide for the collection and storage of refuse. All new and
significantly remodeled occupied structures over 2,000 square feet shall
provide adequate space for the collection and storage of recyclable

(B)	For the purposes of this section "significantly remodeled" shall
mean structures where fifty percent or more (of fair market value of the
building as determined by an appraiser acceptable to the City Manager or
his or her designee) of the exterior of the structure is reconstructed,
remodeled or modified (excluding painting or changing exterior cladding

(C)	The following buildings shall be exempt for section (A) above:
Single-family dwellings; and multi-family dwellings where there are no
central or communal refuse/recycling collection or storage facilities,
and where refuse and recyclable materials are stored and collected on an
individual unit basis.

(D)	The amount of space provided for the collection and storage of
recyclable materials must be at least as large as the amount of space
provided for the collection and storage of refuse materials, and shall
be designed to accommodate containers consistent with current methods of
local collection, and shall accommodate for example, containers for the
collection of newspaper, co-mingled containers, cardboard and mixed
office paper.

(E)	Storage and collection containers shall be clearly labeled or
identified to indicate the type of materials accepted. Recyclable
materials storage areas shall be located adjacent to refuse collection
and storage areas in order to provide convenient recyclable materials
storage areas.

(F)	Refuse and recycling areas shall be enclosed, contained within
the building to which they are associated, or part of a larger service
area on the site. All refuse and recycling areas that are not contained
within the building shall be fully screened from public view by an
enclosure constructed of materials comparable to the structure to which
it is associated. Gates on the enclosures shall be of metal or some
other comparable durable material and shall be painted to match the

(A)	Site plan showing the following:

(9)	Location and dimensions for all structures, including refuse and
recycling facilities in accordance with section 17-34-060

-----Original Message-----
From: Williams, Wayne T. [mailto:Wayne.Williams@no.address] 
Sent: Friday, January 09, 2004 10:53 AM
To: linda@no.address
Subject: Equal space Ordinance

Dear Linda,

Can you provide me with a copy of the equal space ordinance?  Thanks.  

Warm regards,

Wayne T. Williams, Phd
Program Coordinator
Recycling Section
Department of Public Works
5469 Kearny Villa Rd. Sutie 305
San Diego, CA 92123

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