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Re: [greenyes] Clean Fuel Garbage Trucks
We successfully used B20 Soydiesel for a 4-week pilot project in one of
crane-mounted Peterbilt rolloff trucks used daily to collect recyclables
from igloo drop-off sites.

Currently I am seeking funds to go fleet-wide for all County vehicles in
Queen Anne's County, Maryland.  We believe we would be the first MD county
to use B20 fleet wide.  I welcome suggestions, experiences & leads re:
technologies & funding.

I was inspired by Berkeley's efforts and have stayed in contact with them
and understand they started with B20, then went to B100 and have begun to
transition equipment to CNG.  This was an outgrowth of an Environmental
Management Systems effort which Tom Farrell (Mgr. Solid Waste & Recycling
City of Berkeley, DPW) spoke about at NRC Congress in Seattle in Jan. 2002.

As you may be aware, Eureka Recycling has committed to using B20 - see their
Spring 2003 newsletter

Related to fuels & emissions:  In the current ( Jan 5, 2003 ) issue of Waste
News there is a short piece stating that "International Truck & engine Corp.
plans for its entire truck fleet to meet 2007 model year emission
requirements without installing complex selective catalytic reduction
technology .... Using ultra-low sulfur fuel, which is due on the market by
mid-2006, International and its suppliers have found it feasible to meet the
2007 federal emission standard without complex after-treatment systems ..."

In state vehicles, NC has a fairly large study underway re: soydiesel and DE
has been gearing up to use Soydiesel.  Iowa has an interesting funding
mechanism via the sale of EPACT - Alternative Vehicle Credits.

take care - James Wood
Recycling "Shore"  Matters!

James Wood, Regional Coordinator
Midshore Regional Recycling Program
P.O. Box 56
Centreville, MD  21617

410-758-6606 Fax


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> Hi All -
> I am looking for examples of cities or companies that have transitioned to
> the use of clean fuels - ultra low sulfur diesel, CNG, BioDiesel, etc -
> their garbage or recycling fleets. I know of San Francisco's CNG efforts
> Berkeley's use of BioDiesel, but other examples would be helpful.
 Thanks -
> Resa Dimino

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