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RE: [greenyes] Clean Fuel Garbage Trucks
Here at Eco-Cycle in Boulder we have converted a few of our recycling
collection trucks to a blend of biodiesel and conventional diesel fuel
as a pilot program to determine the effect on our engines.  We're
gradually converting more trucks to the 20% blend, and intend to
experiment with a full 100% biodiesel soon.

Robin O. Burton 
Business Recycling Educator 
Eco-Cycle, Inc. 

PO Box 19006 
Boulder, CO 80308 
303-444-6640 x125
303-444-6647 (fax) 
303-961-5571 (mobile) 

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Subject: [greenyes] Clean Fuel Garbage Trucks

Hi All -

I am looking for examples of cities or companies that have transitioned
the use of clean fuels - ultra low sulfur diesel, CNG, BioDiesel, etc -
their garbage or recycling fleets. I know of San Francisco's CNG efforts
Berkeley's use of BioDiesel, but other examples would be helpful.
Thanks -

Resa Dimino

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