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[greenyes] Advice is necessary on scheeme "all dry recyclables in one container"


We in Saint Petersburg (Russia) carry out experiment on selective collection
of waste.

Now we collect only "dry" recyclables in 3 containers:

It is economically very unprofitable: it is necessary to drive 3 times for
each type of recyclables, to hold 3 containers, etc. Except that, people
refuse to hold 4 different garbage cans in the house (helo, VeronicaJ). It
is reasonable to collect all " dry recyclables " in one container, and then
to sort it at MRF, but our experts on PR are afraid that people  will not
understand it and will use the container as a ordinary garbage box.

I ask to respond people, who witty in the scheem, when all " dry
recyclables " collects in one conteiner (separatly from other residuals).
Especially I am interested with questions:

-         whether it is possible to explain to people, what for it is done,
and whether there is a problem, when they put in these containers MIXED

-         What are you doing with glass? In fact if to collect it  together
with other " dry recyclables ", the part of it will inevitably be broken,
and it then cannot be sorted off on MRF. It is considered as < inevitable
losses >?

-         If you have samples of the advertising and information materials
concerning such scheeme, would You be so kind to scan and send them to me?

A lot of thanks for the support

Igor Babanin
Greenpeace Russia
St.Petersburg dep.
(812) 3521022
(812) 3529219

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