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[greenyes] total applications for a Dell recycling grant
Dear Bryant, 
Will the final list of grant applicants be public information? Not only
would it be useful to know how many local governments and institutions
are in need of grant help to conduct e-waste recycling days, it might
also be very useful for the communities themselves so that they can
share ideas. 
I look forward to your response.
Cassie Wyss

Cassie Wyss
Midwest Organizer
GrassRoots Recycling Network
210 N. Bassett St., Suite 200
Madison, WI 53703
p (608) 255-4800
f  (608) 255-4808
c (608) 345-4323

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Subject: RE: [greenyes] Question on application for a Dell recycling

Here is the information for the application:

"DMA" stands for "designated market area" or "demographic market area".
geographic designation is used by A.C. Nielsen, a global marketing
information company, to specify which counties comprise a specific
television market. The term is also used to describe groups of cities
counties that share infrastructure, media, and services. Contact your
chamber of commerce or county communications office to determine the
estimated population of your DMA.

More information is available at or at


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From: Reindl, John [mailto:Reindl@no.address]
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Subject: [greenyes] Question on application for a Dell recycling grant

A community in Wisconsin is asking for some help in understanding what
term "DMA" means in the application for a grant from Dell to recycle

The application asks for three lines of information on population:

 	Population of event city
 	Population of event county
 	Population of event DMA

Any information would be most welcome.

John Reindl
Dane County, WI 

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