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[greenyes] Why bury at all ?? Re: [greenyes] green burial
My opinion is that we should donate our bodies, not just our organs.
All states have a state university program that does body donation, but they are not allowed to advertise, and funeral homes don't want the competition, so not many know about it.
Some states like Connecticut at the UCONN Health Center have FREE programs...they pick up the body within 23 hours of death and transport it at no charge.  Students study the body for a year to learn and investigate finding new cures for diseases.  Then there is a memorial service in May for all the families from that year.  The body is cremated at no charge, and the ashes are returned in a handsome urn if the family wants them.
In Florida the body has to go to a funeral home for transport to the state university, so the family has to pay for that, plus also pay for the cremation.
I will never understand the custom of burying bodies.  Cremation is the way to go, literally.

EcoWaters@no.address wrote:
About burial, remember that the state's concern is public health: as with 
wastewater, the body must be buried high, high above groundwater. Pathogens can 
travel long distances. Pre-composting and freeze-drying is for dense and wet 

See one area where burial is au naturel:

Carol Steinfeld

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