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[greenyes] Eco gift idea
I've been a member of the greenyes list serve for about 6 mos. As a courtesy
to the list members I'd like to extend an offer we just sent out to members
of our newsletter. Our mission is to promote the awareness problems
surrounding society's plastic bag consumption that has rapidly gotten out of
control and to move towards the mainstream the adoption of reusable shopping
bags by offering a wide variety of reusable shopping bags.

From our newsletter here is the offer: "1. Get free shipping on any sized
order OR 2. Get one of our popular innovative, ultra-compact ACME Workhorse
Bags for free. You get to choose. Just enter either free-acme OR
free-shipping on page 3 of the checkout under "Enter Coupon Code". Offer
ends Dec. 15th so don?t delay!"

The holidays have come to represent over-consumption, here is a gift idea
that helps the recipient consume less...

Also if you are going to shop online might want to go through  - they donate up to 15% of your purchase to a charity
your select...some of their retailers include barnes and noble, one step
ahead, sephora, etc.

Happy holidays!

Vincent Cobb
vcobb@no.address | phone 773.704.3421| fax 773.326.0883 High-quality, innovative reusable

shopping bags and related accessories, plus facts & news

on the global push to reduce plastic bag consumption,

and simple actions you can take to help the cause!

VISIT OUR STORE for great earth-friendly holiday gift ideas that help people
consume less.

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