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[greenyes] On the road to Zero Waste in Florida. Help draw the map.
Dear Fellow Florida Zero Waste Enthusiast,

 As a Florida resident actively pursuing: 
         1) Open public discussion of discard materials management issues.
         2) academic style comparative analysis of discard materials          
              management options and
         3) independent discard materials management systems analysis from   
             the Zero Waste perspective by knowledgeable experienced Zero     
             Waste advocates.
  I have experienced: 
        1) a County Commission that tries to block important information from
             being presented at public meetings.
        2) a local Government that is attentive to the Chamber of 
            Commerce and Keep Collier Beautiful organizations, both heavily   
            influenced by Waste Management,  while refusing to respond to 
            request for an independent analysis of discard materials 
            options from someone other than incinerator promoter Malcolm 
        3) a power structure that is protecting the status quo and the 
             interest that now control the discard materials management 
system to 
             the point that they are trying to shut out information that 
disproves the 
             logic of their wasteful activities (over a million dollars of 
tax money  
             spent on incinerator promoter Malcolm Piernie over the past 
             years while no local tax money has been spent developing a 
             requested Zero Waste option by Zero Waste professional advocates 
             for comparison. 

       I am now seeking committed Zero Waste enthusiast from Florida or ZW 
enthusiast with an interest in the discard materials management system in 
Florida that are independent of the influences of Waste Management or any other 
waste hauler or Malcolm Piernie or any other solid waste incinerator consultant, 
promoter, to develop the Florida Road map to the independent design and 
implementation of a Zero Waste program in Florida. 
      If you can contribute to this effort please let me know. If you think 
working on this is totally impractical and hopeless please let me know why.
Thank you for your attention to this matter. Looking forward to hearing from 
Bob Krasowski
The Zero Waste Collier County Group,
Naples, Florida


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