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[greenyes] litter slogan
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to think up a catchy slogan for our City's new anti litter campaign.  We have a "Curb the Clutter" program that we operate where groups can adopt roads and keep them clean, but we are targeting new efforts through signage and educational programs along with more help from our police department.  The police will be sponsoring a postcard program which allows the general public to turn in people caught in the act.  The police will send a letter to the offender and keep a database going. Anyway, several of us were trying to get creative and find a new slogan for our efforts.  Does anybody have a good one we might borrow or can you think of something good?  If so let me know.  Thanks in advance.

Brian Pugh
Waste Reduction Coordinator
Fayetteville Solid Waste and Recycling
479-444-3478 Fax

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