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Re: [greenyes] seeking construction site recycling brochure examples
We are interested in this, as well...can anyone responding post it to the list, as well?

Melissa Kelley <mkelley@no.address> wrote:
The City of Rohnert Park (California) is going to create a brief 
brochure/easy reference guide about how to recycle at a construction job 
site. The brochure will address topics such as why contractors should 
recycle and how to organize onsite recycling for ease and efficiency. 
Can anyone recommend a a good example of a brochure that addresses these 
topics? Versions available on the Web would be particularly helpful.

Thank you.

Melissa Kelley
Arcadia Marketing Services 

Michelle Smith
Recycling Coordinator
Office of Environmental Health and Safety
Providence College
Providence, RI  02918

(401) 865-1881

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