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[GreenYes] FW: recycling query - from Australia.
Please respond directly to Cherie, as she appears not to be a member of the
GRRN listserve and will not be able to access any posted responses. Thanks!
From: "Cherie Barclay" <>
Date: Sat, 23 Nov 2002 17:13:51 +1100
Subject: recycling query - from Australia.

Hi Valerie,
From: Cherrie Barclay in Bendigo, Australia.

I am Director of a small recycling market development business, located deep
down in the southern hemisphere - called 'The Market Muster'. Its a little
isolated here, so I was wondering if you could asist me with some recycling
queries appropriate to the United States( or pass this
e - mail on to someone else appropriate )?

I have access to some excellent innovative Australian machinery which makes
the following recycled items:

1. Recycled plastic tomato stakes ( to replace wooden ones ):

These plastic stakes ( or poles ) are cheap, very strong, longlasting , come
in a range of sizes, and sales have been increasing in Australia. However,
the company which makes them is unable to keep up with the demand, cannot
afford more equipment to make sufficient profit, and is soon going out of
business!! I know that there is a huge commercial tomato industry in states
such as California, Florida, Maryland etc. The Florida weave system is often
used - Two tomato plants ( .. ) are placed between each wooden stake ( I I )
- like this:  I .. I .. I   Some states use metal or wire cages in
commercial tomato growing. But others such as Florida may still use wooden

This plastic mould recycling technique could also be adapted for use in
replacing larger roadside poles, in states such as California. I know there
is a big plastic recycling problem in this state.

Do you have any ideas? Or how can I find out if this Australian machinery
has such specific applications in the United States?

2. A rice husk insulation technique has also at last been perfected down
here. Rice husks are another waste problem. One of the difficulties has been
to extract the 30% harmful and potentially inflammable dust ). But all these
previous problems have now been overcome!!

This rice by product can now be safely used as HALF price building
insulation. Also a sound deadener, it is very longlasting, fully tested etc.
And this business is beginning in Australia soon. I know the inventor
personally. It would be a brilliant million dollar business opportunity for
someone in a state such as California, which has plenty of rice husks ( the
waste residue outer part of rice ).

A brief business description : It takes 2 people only 1 to 2 hours to
insulate an average size house with clean rice husks. Special spray and
blowing equipment, a warehouse, and a slightly modified truck is the only
equipment required!

Any ideas, comments, contacts or other assistance deeply appreciated,


Cherrie L Barclay

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