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Re: [GreenYes] thanks to the President for supporting our position
Hi Eric,

Thank you for posting the White House news release.  As you note, the statement by President Bush is positive.  Recycling advocates will want to share it.

But I didn't see anything about the president's statement or America Recycles Day in the Washington Post, New York Times or USA Today on November 15.  There has been more coverage of recycling in major media during 2002 than at anytime in recent years, but most of it has been attacks on recycling or stories about backsliding(i.e., the curbside program in New York City or about the cost of curbside recycling or declining recycling rates for aluminum cans).

One bright spot has been the E-waste Take Back campaign led by the Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition, GRRN and others.  Major national media and major local papers have given the issue considerable attention.

The U.S. EPA has scaled down the office of solid waste in recent years, as you know.  And the Bush administration hasn't had recycling on its list of high priority environmental issues -- in terms of policy or budget priorities.  EPA's approach on e-waste, as you know, isn't the kind of policy that is needed.

In 2003, GRRN and its allies need to expand efforts to bring the most important recycling concerns to the public in a way that engages the grassroots more effectively.  The beverage campaign seems to have stalled.  E-waste work is exiciting and bringing new people into the recycling dialogue.

But the legacy of the rollback in New York City's curbside recycling program is bound to contribute to further erosion of hard-won recycling program gains in many communities across the country.  You've been a leader for many years on these issues and an advocate of GRRN's efforts to mobilize the public.  I hope that in your new capacity as a member of GRRN's Board of Directors that more emphasis can be put on mobilizing the grassroots in the coming year.

Best regards,

Lance King

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