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[GreenYes] Landfill Host Fees


I am interested in compiling a sample of landfill host fees.  Is there a
national or regional list available somewhere?  Because landfills are
owned both privately and municipally is there a standard type of fee

Our county is looking to sell the landfill to one of the "Big 4" haulers.
My concern is that after 20-30 years it will be closed and then the
county will be responsible for long term care.  The county commissioners
are believing that new ownership will expand the landfill and thereby
create more jobs.  I am also concerned that road wear, increased litter,
and the potential of a mega-fill should command pretty aggressive host
fees that increase annually.

Someone mentioned a new landfill technique where the operator fills the
landfill with injected water, creating a large sponge, to supposedly
accelerate the decomposition of the waste materials.  Is anyone familiar
with this?  My concern is that the water table is pretty high in our
county and we rely on well water for drinking etc.

Composting/incineration is not available within a reasonable distance and
the commissioners are only interested in selling the landfill.  We are
located in the Illinois/Indiana area.  I am wondering about host fees,
tipping fees and surcharges charged in parts of the county where disposal
costs are not considered cheap.

Thanks..... C. William

PS- I think our county will be making a big mistake this winter.

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