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Re: [GreenYes] Landfill Host Fees
C. William, if you receive responses to this query I hope you will post 
them. I also hope that you have access to the many postings that Peter 
Anderson has contributed to this list outlining the problems with 
"bioreactor" landfills (where water is added). I hope someone can provide 
hard data on the other impacts you cite: truck traffic, etc. I hope that 
any deal that is signed with the private sector protects the public/county 
from immediate and long term and liability for post-closure period. Looking 
at all this, I wonder if you submitted this posting in jest ;> or if you 
are facing a decision by this winter with so little information at hand.


At 08:55 AM 10/17/2002 -0500, C E F G :-) wrote:

>I am interested in compiling a sample of landfill host fees.  Is there a
>national or regional list available somewhere?  Because landfills are
>owned both privately and municipally is there a standard type of fee
>Our county is looking to sell the landfill to one of the "Big 4" haulers.
>My concern is that after 20-30 years it will be closed and then the
>county will be responsible for long term care.  The county commissioners
>are believing that new ownership will expand the landfill and thereby
>create more jobs.  I am also concerned that road wear, increased litter,
>and the potential of a mega-fill should command pretty aggressive host
>fees that increase annually.
>Someone mentioned a new landfill technique where the operator fills the
>landfill with injected water, creating a large sponge, to supposedly
>accelerate the decomposition of the waste materials.  Is anyone familiar
>with this?  My concern is that the water table is pretty high in our
>county and we rely on well water for drinking etc.
>Composting/incineration is not available within a reasonable distance and
>the commissioners are only interested in selling the landfill.  We are
>located in the Illinois/Indiana area.  I am wondering about host fees,
>tipping fees and surcharges charged in parts of the county where disposal
>costs are not considered cheap.
>Thanks..... C. William
>PS- I think our county will be making a big mistake this winter.
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