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[GreenYes] Gas
Interesting blend of threads here – the Saudi Arabian gas hoax,
American over consumption of fossil fuels, biodiesel, French fryer fat
disposal and fast food boycotts inspired by “Fast Food Nation.”

I support biodiesel.  My husband had the slogan, “Just say ‘no’ to
fossil fuel” decaled onto our car.  We use synthetic motor oil as
opposed to petroleum based oils.  We get 40 miles to the gallon. 
However, we still use propane and electricity produced by fossil fuel
in our home.

Ironically, the biodiesel we buy is made from used cooking oil.  This
is ironic because we do not support the fast food chains.  We have not
eaten “fast food” for years for the simple reason that we are
interested in slowing our lives down – not in speeding them up.

In a way, it seems hypocritical to depend on a fuel made possible by an
industry we don’t agree with.  However, before Pacific Biodiesel began
making their fuel, 40 tons of used cooking oil was going into the
landfill each month.  We feel good about using something that was
creating a problem for the landfill while keeping in mind that if we
were to run out of cooking oil it wouldn’t be hard to grow a fuel crop
like they do in Europe.

Camille Armantrout
Maui Recycling Service
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