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[GreenYes] Wood recycling
My company started out de-manufacturing and recycling electronics (in some
cases down to 3mm).  We landed an opportunity with a very large company to
handle all of their wood product waste.  Pallets and crates, primarily.
Pallets are a fairly easy sell if they're in good shape.  If not, we ground
them up (our machine has a huge magnet that removes all nails, metal, etc.)
and sell the bi-product as muclch.

What I am looking for is a source to sell crates.  These are pristine, once
used crates.  We are actually looking to sell some as dog houses (we used
one for our own dogs).  The crates vary in size from, say, 2' x 2' to some
the size of an outdoor shed.

Aybody have any suggestions?

Jean Ann Holt
Sales and Client Relations, Recycling Division
Image Microsystems, Inc.
512-531-6602 voice
512-339-9592 fax

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