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[GreenYes] RE: California E-Waste Veto Message

What about a Take Back program modeled aafter AB 2020 -

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>From: "Paparian, Michael" <>
>Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 02:45:32 -0700
>To the Members of the California State Senate:
>I am returning Senate Bill 1523 without my signature. However, I am
>willing to sign legislation that challenges industry to assume greater
>responsibility for the recycling and disposal of electronic waste.
>I am very troubled by an increasing electronic waste pollution problem in
>California, as well as across our nation.  Local governments report
>increasing costs to handle, transport and recycle discarded electronic
>equipment. The amassing stockpile of obsolete and broken computer monitors
>and televisions grows daily.  I am equally disturbed that this dangerous
>cargo is being sent to underdeveloped nations exposing children to
>hazardous waste materials. I applaud the author's effort to address these
>However, I am concerned that this program is not the most efficient or
>cost effective approach for California.  This bill requires the state to
>hire 64 new people, at a time when the Legislature has directed the
>Administration to cut 7,000 positions.  Moreover, I believe that building
>a state bureaucracy to address this problem is not the best solution for
>managing electronic waste.  We should compel industry to solve this
>California has always been a global leader in the electronics industry.  I
>challenge the industry to lead the way and devise an innovative solution
>for the source reduction, recycling, and safe disposal of electronic
>waste.  Industry already has initiated several successful incentive
>programs that create a partnership between the consumer and the
>manufacturer.  I believe this would be a better model for California and
>would foster the concept of an environmentally sustainable electronic and
>technology industry and provides incentives to design products that are
>less toxic and more recyclable. Moreover, we simply must demonstrate our
>leadership and compassion by making sure that California's electronic
>waste is not irresponsibly sent to underdeveloped nations.
>The European Union is working on a program to assure that manufacturers
>maintain responsibility for the safe recycling of the products they
>produce.  I am encouraged by the product stewardship approach and believe
>this model, tailored to fit California's recycling and disposal
>infrastructure is worth pursuing.  California needs a comprehensive and
>innovative state law that partners with product manufacturers, establishes
>recycling targets, and provides for the safe recycling and disposal of
>electronic waste.  Setting environmental standards and providing
>manufacturers flexibility to meet them is the cornerstone of California's
>air quality laws and has generated a new generation of car emission
>reduction technologies and improved air quality for the public.  I am
>convinced we can do the same for electronic waste.
>I strongly urge industry and other interested parties to rapidly devise a
>solution, in keeping with the goals I've articulated in this
>message.  There is no time to waste.  I believe California should have a
>new law next year.
>I am asking my Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency
>to take a leadership role in working with the Legislature, government,
>industry, and stakeholders to create a successful California electronic
>waste program.  I am directing the Department of General Services to take
>steps to assure that the state purchases electronic products that minimize
>environmental impacts and that state electronic equipment is recycled
>using best available practices.

Gary Liss
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