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[GreenYes] Conversion figures
Bruce Maine asked: Can someone share a standard weight to volume ratio
applicable to construction demolition waste?

I don't know if this will help because, as Amy Bauman said, each material
has a different weight-to-volume ratio.  Here are some conversion figures
for estimating the amount of recyclable waste:
- Mixed waste             350 lbs/cu yd   or  5.7 cu yds/ton
- Wood                       300 lbs/cu yd   or  6.7 cu yds/ton
- Cardboard                100 lbs/cu yd   or   20 cu yds/ton
- Gypsum wallboard    500 lbs/cu yd   or     4 cu yds/ton
- Rubble                     1400 lbs/cu yd  or  1.4 cu yds/ton
(Source: Resource Efficient Building (1994), Metro Solid Waste Dept.,
Portland, OR)
Rhonda L. Sherman
Extension Solid Waste Specialist
Biological & Agricultural Engineering Department
North Carolina State University
Box 7625, Raleigh, NC  27695-7625
Phone 919/515-6770; Fax 919/515-6772

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