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Re: [GreenYes] Conversion figures

I responded to Bruce's initial email about a week ago, though I did not do so
in a "reply all", so I thought I would add another viewpoint.

Bruce seems to be involved in a Green Building and Architecture bent, after
looking up the organization that "serves" his email.  Am I correct Bruce?

If so, another question for consideration is whether or not one could, should,
or would consider C&D waste in Green Building Design.  I would think that the
answer to that question is a definite yes.

My initial response to Bruce was that I see 3500 sq ft houses built with as
little as 20 to 40 yards of waste, and I see the same size houses built with
considerably more waste.  

Less of the waste produced in the lower overall waste projects is recycleable,
because often, the engineered lumber is purchased to size and has greater
"spans", resulting in fewer interior walls, less wood waste, less drywall
waste, etc.  The higher waste projects usually use regular framing and have
greater detail; more complicated arches and dormers and irregular framing
systems to support those features.

So, it seems to me that in general, that the often used number of 4 lbs/sq ft
in a close estimate, but one should consider that the more "designed" a
building is for reduced waste in construction, the lower that number will be. 
On the other side of the discussion, the less "designed' to reduce waste, and
more detailed buildings will result in higher numbers.

A question I have is, does the LEEDS rating system consider the waste
generated in construction part of the rating system, and if so, what kind of
numbers have the LEEDS rated buildings achieved?


Kim Springer
Recycling Specialist
City of Burlingame 
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