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[GreenYes] Re: [Greenyes Digest] V3 #101
Hi John, 

In Orange Co. NC our commercial composter is able to accept all types of paper, the 'coated' cups typically have a film that comes off during composting/screening. thus for special events, we have monitors and heavy signage at waste bins and ensure that bafs of only paper & food go into the compostables bin.  (Some of us get our hands dirty a lot!),  but having the same population show up at the special events gets them trained, thus if the same people show up at the church events regularly they will  'learn' to do this.

The contents of those bags are combined w/ the 'back of the house' food waste that most of our participating restaurants have and the comoposting company reports no problems w/ that addition of the paper. Sometimes if a group has a special event somewhere remote from a compost site, a 'responsible' crew bags up the properly checked over food & paper and deposits those bags at one of the participating restaurants food waste bins (with their permission and that of the composting company, so they don't freak out when the open the compost cart & see lots of paper. Maybe these kinds of solutions work only on a small scale? 

Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 11:12:05 -0500
From: "Reindl, John" <>
Subject: [GreenYes] The 'best" single service cups, plates and utensils

I have been asked by a local church for a recommendation on what are the
'best' types of single service cups, plates and utensils to use for serving
meals in their facility. They serve meals for a variety of purposes, ranging
from funerals to meetings of youth groups. They don't have a dishwasher and
local regulations on minimum temperatures for washing dishes in a public
setting make washing dishes by hand unworkable.   

Any recommendations would be most appreciated.

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI 


Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 12:36:14 EDT
Subject: Re: [GreenYes] Electronics Recycling

In a message dated 9/18/02 6:18:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:<< Does anyone have models or data for 
estimating the number of computers and  other electronics that get dropped 
off at community electronics recycling  days in other cities? >>

Rick: Our County of 125,000 people (high income, high education level) we ran two collection events and received a total of 33 tons of computers, cell phones, other electronics.

Blair Pollock
Solid Waste Programs Manager
(919) 968-2788
fax: (919) 932-2900
PO Box 17177
Chapel Hill, NC 27516-7177

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