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[GreenYes] Fwd: renewable resources batteries
Title: Fwd: renewable resources batteries
I am forwarding this inquiry for anyone interested in following up on it.

Mary Appelhof
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Subject: renewable resources batteries
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I was given your details by Gerry Gillespie of Resource NSW in Australia who felt you may be able to make some recommendations in this area.
Our company is working with differant state governments in Australia to begin seperating out household batteries from disposal. Helping in many areas including having our process help to make the collection and processing of organic materials safer as it removes one of the worst contaminants batteries.
We effectively reprocess the batteries bringing them back to around 80% of original capacity. We repackage them and re-sell them. No doubt some of the immediate benefits are obvious. Instead of a "one use" battery being such a great waste of resources. Our program would effectively  reduce battery production and waste. I am aware in the USA batteries are already recycled but our process can extend  battery life by up to 15 times. By a clean safe environment friendly process.
My initial reason for contacting is to ask for your recommendations in this area and to ask for better on-the-ground contacts. Obviously the scale of such a project for the USA would be enormous and it needs to be remembered I am initially researching how and if it would work in the USA. There are many factors to be taken into consideration and that is why I am asking for your help and recommendations as well as general thoughs in relation to this idea. Should you know people interested in establishing this idea in the USA I am open to all possibilities in working relationships.
My email is
Scott Russell

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