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[GreenYes] Fw: [Gaia-members] Pro-Incinerator Conference for NYC waste
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From: Ellen Connett <>
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Date: Thursday, September 19, 2002 10:26 PM
Subject: [Gaia-members] Pro-Incinerator Conference for NYC waste

New York Academy of Sciences seminar, Monday November 18, 2002 (Lectures starting at 4.00 PM; followed by small reception at 6.30 PM). Organized by the Environmental Science and Urban Policy Section of NYAS.

"Managing NYC's Waste: A Scientific and Policy Analysis of the Waste-to-Energy Option"
When the giant Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island was closed in 2001, New York City became utterly dependent on the kindness of other states for the disposal of over five million tons of municipal and commercial solid waste that it generates annually. As a result, the annual costs of waste disposal have jumped up by $370 million in recent years and are projected to increase much more in the near future. Meanwhile, the City's economic position has never been more precarious. Although the idea is political dynamite, one option that has been raised by City officials for mitigating this vulnerable dependence on the whims of the private market and political decisions made in other states is Waste-to-Energy. The substantive impacts of WTE, both in itself and in comparison to out-of-state landfilling, will be evaluated by experts in public health, policy and engineering.

Confirmed speakers: Profs. Rae Zimmerman, Director, Institute for Civil Infrastructure Systems, NYU; Nickolas Themelis, Director, Earth Engineering Center, Columbia. One more speaker expected on public health, also presentation of recent EPA data on WTE emissions. Moderator: Prof. Steven Cohen, Director, Executive Master of Public Administration Program, Columbia University).

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Waste Not
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