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Re: [GreenYes] The 'best" single service cups, plates and utensils
You might also recommend that they seek assistance from a local cafe,
restaurant or other food service provider to see if they could use their
industrial dish washer, even for  a modest fee (when it's not in use).
Most dish washers don't run 24 hrs. a day, they all have "down-time".  They
might even consider donating the time.

We've done this in the past for non-profit events, but I am not sure why it
couldn't work on a periodic basis especially if it is a "cost-free" source
of income for the business (read: they have to be willing to wash the dishes
at possibly odd hours to avoid creating a hassle for the business).

If they work together with other churches and businesses, they might be able
to form a "dishwashing co-op" (i.e., jointly purchase a dish washer for all
the churches and non-profits in the community).

I hope we can help people make the leap from "disposable" to "reusable".  In
my opinion, this is where the action is.

Just a thought.

Van Calvez
Human Nature Solutions
Bainbridge, WA

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