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[GreenYes] School recycling and indoor composting
Andrew Weidman posted the following:

"Does anyone have or know of a teacher or a school that has a copy of a
recycling plan?  Disgracefully, My school does not have one currently - or
at least one that is in practice."

California has many schools doing extensive recycling in schools and 
classrooms. We published a book by one of California's outstanding 
teachers describing their comprehensive, integrated program for 
recycling many materials and vermicomposting their cafeteria wastes. 
It is "The Worm Cafe: Mid-scale vermicomposting of lunchroom wastes" 
by Binet Payne available at:

It has information about performing a waste audit, biology review, 
environmental needs, worksheets and forms, communication materials, 
bin assembly, harvest planning, diagrams, discussions, charts, 
checklists, and much more.

and. . .  "does anyone do indoor composting?" Indoor composting is 
frequently done by people with worm bins. More information about that 
is in my book, "Worms Eat My Garbage," available at:

I am now putting out a free monthly electronic newsletter, the 
WormEzine. Back issues are archived and you may subscribe at my 

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