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[GreenYes] information on recycled insulation company sought
I'm looking for any information on a company called U.S. Greenfiber 
folks on the list might have. U.S. Greenfiber makes recycled paper 
insulation material. Does anyone out there have information on their 
operations in the US (or elsewhere, for that matter)?

I'm also a bit rusty on recycled market/generation stuff, since 
moving from that field to general environmental education and 
training 8 years ago. I am curious about
   - whether or not these types of operations are overly water 
intensive (I've heard 60 gal/min, but have no idea how that compares 
to other manufacturing operations),
   - produce nasty wastes (including water for treatment),
   - can be set up to use greywater in their process (recycling their 
   - can help spark paper recycling programs in communities in which 
they locate to meet paper demand needs

What are the waste paper recycling rates for towns out there of 
40,000 (junk mail, white paper, newsprint, corrugated cardboard). I'm 
looking for a town that has comperable population numbers, and offers 
a comprehensive recycling program -- houses and apartments alike.

Are there any towns out there that are collecting 150 or more tons of 
junk mail, white paper, newsprint, corrugated cardboard a day? If so, 
what's your population, and what's your program like (commercial, 
multi-family, etc.)

Finally, is this type of insulation better/more energy efficient that 
other fiberglass insulation? What are the energy efficiency specs on 
this stuff?


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