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[GreenYes] Split Compartment Packer Truck Use

We (Maui Recyling Service) use split compartment trucks here on Maui for both our commercial and curbside routes.

We do this because our MRF and processors are not able to separate recyclables and therefore they need to be kept separate from the consumer to the processors.

We use two trucks made by KANN Mfg.with both Toter and Rehrig bins. They have served well for over eight years although they do, of course, require maintenance.

We also utilize a flatbed truck (with a liftgate) loaded with Toters to service smaller and more remote customers.

I suspect that each area will need to find what works best for them based on a variety of factors, route density, terrain, MRF requirements and location, spare part availability, etc.

You can see pictures of our trucks in action at:

Bob Armantrout

Customer Service/Driver

Maui Recycling Service, Inc.

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